Domestic engineering

1. The new factory project of Rongxin Co., Ltd. 18 sets of KYN28-12 cabinets and 22 sets of XGN2 cabinets.

2. 132 outdoor frequency conversion cabinets covered with aluminum and zinc plates in the production area of Liaohe Oilfield.

3. Chongqing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Long material production line technical transformation project 20 MNS standard drawers.

4. There are 28 Witu PS cabinets and 45 control cabinets in the first steel rolling plant project of Tangshan Iron and Steel Group.

5. Jilin Yueda Gas Co., Ltd. GCS drawer type switch cabinet 16 sets.

6. Tianjin Hengjing Phase II Project GGD 12 cabinets and KYN28-12 36 cabinets.

7. Xinjiang Oilfield Company stainless steel high pressure compensation cabinet and control cabinet 28 sets.

8. Liaohe Oilfield stainless steel high pressure compensation cabinet and control cabinet 22 sets.

9, Haicheng Country Garden Hotel GCK drawer type switch cabinets 29 sets.

10, Haicheng TV GCK drawer type switch cabinet 18.

11. Jinzhou Qilongwan New District Heating Project has 10 GGD cabinets, 1 PLC cabinet and 1 operation table.

12. Jinzhou Shiji Tong High Voltage Capacitor Cabinet 59 sets.

13.Daqing Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. Power Plant Transformation Project 96 Weitu cabinets.

14. Xingcheng Jinzhong Road light box change 5, stainless steel box change 18.

15.Xingcheng Admiralty 46 open and closed stations.

16.Shenyang Mingqi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., 58 frequency conversion cabinets.

17. Liaoning Haofang Tiancheng GGD cabinet 15 sets, 15 resistance boxes, 15 control boxes.

18. Liaohe Oilfield Complete Set of Electrical Equipment Factory 2 sets of white steel box transformer and 21 sets of GGD cabinet.

19.Dengta City Hongyang Thermal Power Henan Town Heat Source Factory 18 low voltage cabinets.

20.Xingcheng Special Casting Steel Co., Ltd. GGX2 6 high voltage cabinets, 1 DC screen, 1 negative control cabinet.

21.Haicheng Qianyuan refractory cabinet 7, DC screen 1, central signal screen 1.

22. Liaoning Tianhao stainless steel box 21 sets.

23. Tiangrui Group Haicheng No. 1 Cement Plant 2500t/d clinker production line supporting 6MW pure low-temperature waste heat power generation project, 38 GCK cabinets.

24. Inner Mongolia Haiming Mining Co., Ltd. Wengeng Iron Ore Concentrator Project 5 low pressure cabinets, 1 high pressure ring network cabinet, 1 PLC cabinet.

25. Anshan Huifeng Rui Enenthal Heating Co., Ltd. 25T/H steam boiler project 6 power cabinets, 3 PLC cabinets.

26.Liaoyang Electric Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 20 GGD cabinets.

27.Chaoyang Tianyi Guoji New Material Co., Ltd. High pressure cabinet KYN-28 20 sets, low pressure cabinet GGD 15 sets.

28.State Grid Liaoning Electric Power Co., Ltd. Anshan Power Supply Company 20 operating boxes.

29.15 XGN high voltage cabinets in Manduhu steel mill in central Liaoning.

30.Yingkou meter high property distribution box 137.

31.Liaoning Tianhao Electric Power Co., Ltd. 18 XGN high voltage cabinets.

32.Linghai power switch high voltage ring network cabinet 38.

33.Liaoyang Hongda Thermal Power Co., Ltd. 4 sets of high voltage switchgear KYN28-12, 22 sets of low voltage switchgear.

34.Heilongjiang Duobaoshan Copper Mining Area High voltage power supply inlet cabinet 1, low voltage cabinet MNS 5, operation box 3, box type substation 1.

35.Haicheng Xinguangyuan Powder Material Co., Ltd. 12 low voltage cabinets.

36.Fujian Hengli Construction Group Co., Ltd. 320 non-standard boxes and fire cabinets.

37.Liaoning Anjing Food Co., Ltd. Phase I 3200KVA power complete equipment 6 sets of high-voltage switchgear KYN28-12 and 20 sets of low-voltage switchgear GCK.

38.Anshan Huihong Pigment Technology Co., Ltd. 4 sets of high voltage cabinet KYN28-12, 1 set of DC screen, 28 sets of low voltage cabinet GGD, 1 set of bus bridge, 1 set of battery cabinet.

39.Liaoning Henghua Marine Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. 4 power cabinets, 4 landscape box transformer.

40.Liaoning Provincial Department of Water Resources Liaoyang Dam 8 instrument control boxes.

41.Kaiyuan Hongda Thermal Power Co., Ltd., newly built factory area;

42.Haicheng Agricultural Electric Power Construction Company, Haicheng Dexin Food;

43.Sinosteel Thermal Energy Research Institute Co., Ltd., Ansteel Chemical Industry Division to build a 40,000-ton/year needle coke project 10KVA high pressure switchgear;

44.Haicheng Agricultural Power Construction Company, Haicheng Chengyuan Textile Co., Ltd.

45.Beijing Kainuo Aosen Equipment Co., Ltd., Lighthouse Zhongwang City District;

46.Beijing Keinuo Aosen Equipment Co., Ltd., Lanjia factory transformation;

47.Beijing Kainuo Aosen Equipment Co., Ltd., Lighthouse Phase I Community;

48.Beijing Kainuo Aosen Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhongwang Jingquan Factory;

49.Isolation transformer cabinet in Changxingdao Shipyard, Dalian CSSC New Material Co., Ltd.

50.Xinglong Oil Production Plant, Shenyang Shunda Electric Co., Ltd.

51.Beijing Jicheng Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Likeng Kitchen Waste Treatment Plant Biogas desulfurization, purification and power generation system project PLC system;

52.Beijing Jicheng Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Likeng Kitchen Waste Treatment Plant Biogas Desulfurization, Purification and Power Generation System Project High Voltage Cabinet

53.Jinzhou Zhongxu Power Capacitor Co., Ltd., Chaoyang Power Plant Reconstruction;

54.Beijing Xinghe Heavy Industry Robot Co., Ltd., Indonesia Tin Plating Factory;

55.Liaoyang first prison, prison area reform;

56.Anshan Shuangxin Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd., Haicheng Country Garden;

57.Liaoning Anjing Food Co., Ltd. New complete sets of equipment in the substation;

58.Fulicheng Phase II 10KV substation construction project, new property, school, heat exchange station;

59.Zhongwang (Yingkou) High-Precision Aluminum Co., Ltd., 1.2 million tons of plate and strip foil and its supporting materials construction project (closed bus bridge);

60.Zhongwang (Yingkou) High-Precision Aluminum Co., Ltd., 1.2 million tons of board and strip foil and supporting raw materials construction project (AC-DC integrated power supply system);

61.Zhongwang (Yingkou) High-precision Aluminum Co., Ltd., 1.2 million tons of board and strip foil and supporting raw materials construction project (35KV high-voltage cabinet);

62.Zhongwang (Yingkou) High-precision Aluminum Co., Ltd., 1.2 million tons of board and strip foil and related raw materials construction project (electric power automation system)

63.State Grid Liaoning Comprehensive Energy Service Co., Ltd., Fulicheng Phase II official power supply (self-maintenance);

64.Huludao Napao District Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, the old city restructuring;

65.Anshan Iron & Steel Group Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Panzhihua Project;

66.Liaoning Dingfeng Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Liaoyang Tianxiang Mining 10KVA Capacity Increase Project;

67.Huludao Rongchang Molybdenum Products Co., Ltd. High Voltage Substation, Busia Gold Mine, Uganda


Overseas Export Engineering

1. Indonesia tin plating project: 26 sets of 20KV high voltage cabinets KYN28-24, 16 sets of 10KV high voltage cabinets KYN28-12, 4 sets of DC screen and signal screen.

2. Uzbekistan has 2 35KV high voltage cabinets and 25 10KV high voltage cabinets.

3. 20 20KV high voltage cabinets in Ethiopia.

4. Nigeria low-voltage GCK extraction cabinets 38, power automatic conversion screen GGD 2.

5. Sudan low-voltage cabinet GGD 32 sets.

6. Brazil 10 tons of stepping heating furnace Siemens electrical PLC control cabinet 1 set, Siemens DCS instrument control cabinet 1 set, low voltage cabinet 36, instrument box 26 sets.

7. Brazil Iron Mine Project has 5 35KV high-voltage cabinets, 28 10KV high-voltage cabinets, 3 PLC control cabinets and 50 low-voltage cabinets.

8. India low-voltage drawer cabinet GCS 48, 22 non-standard cabinets.

9. Nepal high pressure cabinet Kyn28-12 20 sets.

10. 35 Tanzanian low pressure cabinets GGD.

11. 10 Armenian high pressure cabinets KYN28-12, 12 non-standard cabinets.

12. Nigeria low-voltage GCK extraction cabinet 10 sets, power automatic conversion screen GGD 2 sets.

13. Sudan low-voltage cabinet GGD 12 sets.