The dawn of market economy has just broken through the mist to illuminate China, and the clarion call of economic globalization has sounded loud and clear, breaking the veil and barriers sweeping across every corner of the world. This is an era full of challenges and heroes, this is an era of creating legends in a moment of change. In this era to master the core competitiveness, in order to become the leader of The Times. From small to big, just in the electric forward warping plate; It is the responsibility of our national enterprises and the mission of zhongkai electric to grow stronger and stand shoulder to shoulder with the world giants.

We firmly believe that customers are our food and clothing parents, the market is the basis of our survival and development. Because of this, we always focus on the market, to constantly meet the needs of customers, create value for customers as the purpose of business, because we believe that only the success of customers, there is the development of Zhongkai!

We firmly believe that only from the achievements to see the gap, grasp the future from the reality, planning the future of the enterprise, is a promising enterprise. We will unswervingly aim at the international advanced level, focusing on the core business and expanding the main business. We do not seek the biggest, but the best, and strive to "I have no people, people have my excellent", rely on brand-name products, brand-name service, create market, win users.

To change with change is a level of managing an enterprise, and to respond to change with constant is a level of managing an enterprise. Regardless of the change and unchanged, in times of peace, prepare for a rainy day, is the most sensible choice. Face the test of market competition, in kai electrical endeavour in the challenge, thinking in the exploration, choice, in comparison to face some difficulties in its path, to grasp the correct development direction, development goals, thinking framework and action strategy, elaborate design management framework, management mode and management mode, is to work toward the goal of the learning type enterprise.

In the face of the new trend of accelerating scientific and technological progress and the rise of knowledge economy in the world, we clearly put forward the people-oriented, in line with the employment philosophy of career retention, treatment retention and emotion retention, to increase the intensity of talent introduction. Build and stabilize the talent team, with the strategic conception of high and new technology enterprise, and strive to build zhongkai into a learning enterprise with sustainable, stable and healthy development through unremitting efforts. Operation of enterprise culture, increase the value of enterprise intangible assets, enhance management level, improve the overall competitiveness, improve the cohesion of employees, and create a comfortable production and living atmosphere.

Looking into the future, Zhongkai Electric has a long way to go and a bright future ahead. Opportunities and difficulties coexist, challenges and hopes coexist. A flourishing age brings prosperity to all industries. Growing up in the tide of market economy Zhongkai Electric is showing unprecedented vitality. We will adhere to the world technology and management trend, innovative decision-making, leading management, in order to conform to the global information and knowledge economy tide. Here, a generation of senior science and technology and management talent, is the momentum of the majestic attention to the high and low voltage switch cabinet design and production and complete sets of complete machine and other fields of development, with its remarkable posture, to create the private enterprises the most attention, the most characteristic of the enterprise.

-- Chairman: Wang Xiaonan