GGX2 ark

Product introduction:

      GGX2-10 box-type high pressure vacuum switchgear is a new product jointly designed and developed by the Ministry of National Machinery Industry and the Ministry of Electric Power Industry.

Product features:

Use vacuum circuit breaker as main switch, less maintenance, no pollution and long life.

Reinforce insulation. Air electrical clearance ≥125mm, porcelain insulator creepage distance ≥210mm, resin insulator creepage distance ≥230mm.

The live body is enclosed in a metal shell, and the main bus between cabinets is supported by insulated bushing and sealed between cabinets.

Purpose and scope of use

This product is suitable for three-phase AC power network with rated voltage 3-12kV and frequency 50Hz, as a complete set of distribution device for receiving and distributing electric energy, and for controlling, monitoring and protecting the circuit.

Environmental conditions:

A. Indoor, air temperature: +40℃ ~ -25℃;

B. The altitude shall not exceed 1000m;

C. the earthquake intensity is not more than 8 degrees

D. The daily average of air humidity (relative humidity) is not more than 95%, and the monthly average is not more than 90%;

E. No flammable, explosive and chemically corrosive gases, no serious pollution, no violent vibration.

Second, structural characteristics

GGX2-10 switch cabinet is a metal closed box type shell, all charged bodies are closed in the cabinet, and according to the function of the bus room, circuit breaker room, cable room. The rooms are separated by metal protective panels.

The main bus is fixed by the insulation bushing between the cabinets. The bushing can be repaired when the back cover plate is removed. The bushing is completely isolated between the two adjacent cabinets, and a pressure relief window is arranged on the top cover plate of the bus room.

An upper disconnecting switch is installed between the circuit breaker room and the main bus room, and a lower disconnecting switch is installed between the circuit breaker room and the cable room. The right side is provided with an upper and lower isolation switch and the operating mechanism of the ground switch. If excessive pressure is produced in the room, it can be discharged through the pressure relief window at the top of the rear.

The cable is fixed by the bracket and clamps at the lower part of the bottom plate of the cabinet, and enters the cabinet through the zero-sequence transformer. It is sealed with cover plate and filling material. The cable room has a large space and can be installed with three 240mm2 cables. The cable core is connected to the bus-bar. The copper bar is supported by the sensor of the charge display device to check whether the cable is charged. A lightning arrester can be installed in the cable room according to needs. The ground bus is provided at the lower back and the lower right side of the cable end is the operation mechanism of the ground switch. If the room produces too high pressure, it can be discharged from the upper pressure relief window through the rear channel.

The upper isolating switch adopts GN30 rotary isolating switch with grounding knife. The lower isolation switch adopts GN24 type, with a grounding knife. The center distance between phases is 210 (230) mm, and the creepage distance of the electric porcelain used is above 210mm.