GCK Type Extract Type Low Pressure Switch Cabinet Body (KB Profile Frame)

Product introduction:

一. overview,

GCK draw-out type low-voltage switch cabinet is a low-voltage drawer cabinet developed and developed by our company.

二. structural characteristics

1. The cabinet body is a combined assembly structure, and the frame is assembled with KB profiles (namely C profiles). All the structural parts of the frame are connected with self-tapping screws.

2. The mounting holes of the cabinet and parts can be changed according to the modulus E = 25mm. The installation is flexible, convenient, practical and economical.

3. The drawer layer is a unit of 200mm, which is divided into 1/2 unit, 1 unit, 2 unit, 3 unit and other series. The height of the drawer unit is selected according to the different current levels of each loop.

4. The drawer has the position of closing, dividing, testing and pulling out, which can not only ensure the normal work, but also safely overhaul the components in the drawer. The functional units of the same specification can be completely interchangeable, so that users can easily and quickly use the spare drawers.

5. Protection grade: IP30-IP40.